I moved to Longboat Key and was told I should take yoga to stretch out my tight body and learn to relax. I went to numerous yoga studios in the Sarasota area and the classes were fine. Then I was told there was a new studio near my home on Longboat Key. I went to Feel Good Yoga
Studio and experienced yoga in a way I hadn’t experienced it before. What makes this yoga studio so different is the other studios had “instructors” and Debby is a “teacher!” Debby directed me into the varying poses as others had but she also explained the proper way to do the pose, why I am doing the pose, and what is being affected. Debby also made me feel
comfortable by telling me to just do whatever I could, go at my own pace, and to stay within my comfort zone. The results of all this is I am more flexible and more calm. I learned that yoga can help me a lot with flexibility but it can be much more about life. This I have learned is the difference between an instructor and a “teacher” and Debby is a “teacher.”
Thank you!
Pat did a FUN Pilates class with innovative poses and just the right amount of challenge for me! I loved it:)
I have practiced Yoga for more than 25 years, yet in Debby’s studio, I am a beginner again in each class…and my body and soul love it!  Through her expert instruction and passionate knowledge of the body’s anatomy, Debby awakens my body to correct alignment, easy agility and delicious fluidity. And she awakens my soul to reclaim peace and ease – what a way to start the day! Feel Good Yoga…YUM!
~Patti C.
I have found my Yoga “home” here on Longboat Key at “Feel Good Yoga”
My health issues have made me yearn for and seek out a personalized  yoga practice that is focused on overall well-being and alignment, Debby does it all in the most healing, genuine and gentle manner. I have been coming to LBK for years and finally, here, at Debby’s beautiful  and peace-filled Yoga studio, I can strengthen both my health and my self!
Thank you, Debby!

Yoga Dance

I LOVE this new class! My body and I feel so refreshed and good after the class. Debby is the BEST and always makes it fun and inspirational! ~Tina

A Great Adventure


At 49 years of age, I had a heart attack and since then my body health deteriorated with an impact on my moral. I am now 80 years old and last year I was diagnosed with cancer. It’s treatment with radiations and chemotherapy is pretty effective but the side effects are difficult to cope with.

What could be done to make me “feel good again?” Fighting the illness is a must but it does not make you feel good automatically. My wife suggested yoga. I was skeptical considering yoga as “ woman stuff.” I was so shocked by what was happening to me that I came to the conclusion: Try it!


It starts with the selection of a yoga studio. I did not have any recommendations, therefore I relied on brochures. I liked very much Debby’s presentation on her business cards. No esoteric words, focus on results (Feel Good), pictures of the staff (to avoid strange Gurus!) At the first meeting, Debby’s personality was the reason why I said “yes.” Debby is a real professional with her gentle manners and encouraging smile, you perceive her confidence in what she is doing.

I am impressed by her experience and her talent in teaching. Debby’s knowledge of the complex combination of Body, Mind, and Spirit and her communication skills make you feel safe knowing that she will never push you beyond your physical limits.

After 6 months, I feel better in the 3 aspects, Body, Mind, and Spirit of who I am .

Thank you Debby,



Experience yoga or beginner yoga…there is a reason this studio is called “Feel Good Yoga!” The instructors are knowledgeable and thoughtful. Your body is your vehicle for health and these classes put you IN your body!~Barbara

I am 80 years old, always thought I was in good shape and worked out with a trainer 2x per week. I had a major problem-I couldn’t get off the floor without assistance and have been working on it for 3 years! After 2 weeks of yoga and pilates with Debby I have gained the strength to get off the floor unassisted. Thank you Debby for making the classes fun and encouraging us to do the exercises the “best we can.” ~​Jack M.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Yoga and Pilates classes I took while on Longboat Key this past week. I enjoyed every moment of each class and look forward to taking classes again next year when we visit. ~Vicky Guerrero

Great class! Strong core work in Pilates. Debby is gentle, and advises on how to protect your body and stay safe while working hard. P.S-I’ve lost 3 lbs and gained 30 years! Thank You! ~Ruth

Thank you Debby for making Pilates and Yoga FUN and always instructing that it is not necessary to do each position perfectly. After a few weeks, I have increased my strength and reduced muscle tightness dramatically! ~​Shelia

Debby and I met last year through Connected Warriors, a program initiated by the VA (Veterans Administration) and a network of professional yoga instructors who donate their talent, time and space to introduce this ancient exercise of the mind, body and spirit as an effective way to tackle health issues being dealt with by military veterans.

Once discounted by western medicine, scientific studies are now documenting the effectiveness of yoga on health issues as diverse and complex as PTSD, brain trauma, chronic fatigue syndrome, fathom pain and addiction.
I was on board immediately. The very thought of being able to pitch my addictive prescriptions and other paraphernalia into the round file was really liberating. I arrived at the studio with mixed emotions and many questions. (HOW was I going to get down on the floor — much less up!). I shouldn’t have worried. Debby’s knowledge of anatomy, her reassuring voice and instructive gentle touch, as she guided and encouraged the other participants and me in our attempts to assume the poses she lead, was amazing.

By the end of the practice that first day when we closed with namaste:
“The Spirit within me honors the Spirit within you.” I knew I wanted to learn more.
Yoga is not a religion. Yoga, with its blend of physical discipline and ancient wisdom, has been a pathway of healing for me.

The yoga sessions at Feel Good Yoga are for all levels of experience. Debby also offers free 30 minute one-on-one consultations to anyone wishing to learn more.

All I can say is “Thank You!” ~Carolyn J.,

 “I’ve practiced yoga off and on for more than 40 years. I now regularly attend two studios up north. My classes at Feel Good Yoga were as rich and challenging and fulfilling as any I’ve experienced.” ~Sandy
This was my first experience with yoga.  I had always thought it would be too difficult or I would feel uncomfortable as a beginner in a class setting.  Well, I love it!  Debby is so good at cueing the movements that I was able to follow along easily.  I enjoy the workshops she offers immensely as well.  I’m learning new things and moving in new ways.  I feel stronger and more flexible every week. The new studio is large and beautiful and clean! I am loving my new yoga community and encourage anyone to give it a try. ~Holly
Feel Good Yoga is a wonderful new addition to the Key!  Finally a warm and inviting space, and teachers dedicated to the practice of yoga and movement through Nia.  I have felt welcome in this ne “community” of Feel Good Yoga. Students of all levels enjoy this experience.  The class schedule is varied and flexible and many new workshops are being offered.  I can’t wait to be a full-timer here on the Key so I can take part in more of what is going on here!  In the meantime, I enjoy as many classes as I can! ~Cindy
“I had never tried yoga and was looking for an exercise to enhance mindfulness and body work. Yoga is the perfect solution. I took private lessons with Debby which is a great way to get started to ensure proper positioning and overcome the fear of not doing it ‘right’. In addition I have a condition in the ball of my foot and wondered if I could do yoga. All of my concerns were laid to rest. With Debby, I was engaged body,mind and spirit when practicing yoga with her.
Debby is an amazing person and teacher. She is supportive of her clients no matter their level of practice. I highly recommend Debby as a teacher and coach, and look forward to working with her again when in LBK.~ Libby, Tennessee”

Feel Good Yoga has been life changing for me on my personal health and wellness journey. The last two years, in retirement, my biggest goal was to get healthy after 38 years caring for others in health care.

I was in a slump on my journey when I arrived in Longboat Key from Wisconsin in February. Much to my pleasant surprise my arrival coincided with Debby’s grand opening of her yoga studio and deciding to check it out was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. The welcoming atmosphere Debby has created and the gentle approach was a perfect match for me. Icing on the cake were the educational workshops offered on a regular basis so I learned about essential oils, nutrition, meditation and several other healthy proactive things.

One day after yoga class I was fortunate to meet Dr. Loren Batsell who has an office at FGY and she further changed my life with acupuncture for my injured shoulder, herbal supplements, food sensitivity testing and yoga nidra.

I also was happy I met Gail Condrick, participated in her NIA class and learned about Sacred Contracts.

One of the hardest parts about my stay in Longboat Key is the day I have to leave and head back home but never as hard as this year after making new friends at FGY. I look forward to when I can walk back in the door in November when we have our next visit. Saying, thank you, Debby, doesn’t come anywhere close to covering the gratitude I have for her and FGY. See you in November!

Debby has a gentle yoga class that is perfect for me because I am overweight and out of shape. I am able to do this class without feeling embarrassed. She has regular and restorative yoga classes where she is able to teach to all levels easily. I find myself enjoying these classes too. When you come to her classes you will find a warm and welcoming presence in the instructor and a facility that is intimate, clean, and well-maintained. She has yoga mats available for the students so you don’t have to buy a mat to come to class and try it out. Debby Gives back to the community with a free beach yoga class that is at 8 AM every Sunday and a “Connected Warriors”class once a week that is free to all military members, retirees,veterans and their family members. During the busy season classes are added as needed. Feel Good Yoga is the perfect name for this studio. I highly recommend this studio to all levels of individuals looking for a yoga studio. ~ Susan V.