FEEL GOOD YOGA is a yoga class dedicated to finding the alignment that makes your body “feel good.” Often times we move from posture to posture without noticing the “in between” spaces. The spaces where your breath is present, you are moving your body and noticing sensations and emotions. With props and therapeutic techniques of movement, your body and mind begin to open up and release. Unwind.
As you unwrap the layers of who you are, your yoga practice becomes “bright and shiny!” This class is not about just touching your toes, it’s about enjoying the freedom of movement as you are guided unto postures with joints, muscles, and connective tissue hydrated, lengthened, and strengthened.
If this sounds like a treat for your body and mind, join me at F eel Good Yoga Studio with soft lighting, relaxing music, and aromatherapy.
~Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s not about attaining a goal that quickly loses it’s thrill. It’s about unlocking ideas about what you want, where you think you can go, and what you will achieve when you get there.
~Cindi Lee
Debby McClung E-RYT 500
For more info please visit my website/debbymcclung.com or the Feel Good Yoga Facebook page

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