Feel Good Feet, Knees, Hips, and Back with Debby 

Thursday, July 13th at 6:00-7:15

Join Debby for a special class to release tension and pain in your body!

Learn how to live pain free in YOUR body with the soft roller we call “the peanut.” You will learn simple techniques for self care that will allow YOU to control the way your body feels each day. This is not a yoga class. Invite friends and family members who are struggling with tension and pain in the lower body.

Registration required (feelgoodyogalongboatkey.com) space and props are limited.
Class packages accepted or drop in for $15.

Getting up and down from the floor is required for this class.







Come to move and be moved! Come for the fun, the freedom, the self-discovery, the healing and the transformation!
The Moving Energy practice, created by MeriLynn Blum, is a joyous journey of movement through the energies of the seven chakras. Based on yogic philosophy and a profound and sacred trust in the wisdom of the body, this class will open, balance and integrate you on every level of being. Get inspired by wonderful spiritual, popular and global music selected to awaken grounding, sensuality, power, compassion, creativity, and wisdom. We will end with a deep relaxation that will leave you feeling fully human and sublimely sacred.