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What We Do

We offer massage just the way YOU like it.

You choose the day and time and we will work together as a team to make your body, mind, and soul happy!

Longboat Key 

Mediterranean Plaza

595 Bay Isles Road

Suite 120-E

Longboat Key, Fl 34228

MM 42610

If you have any questions or want to know more contact

Debby - (904)-610-7565

MA 93179

Back Massage

Feel Good Massages

Custom Massage Therapy with Debby

30 min/$60

60 min/$120

90 min/$150


This is a massage just for you just the way YOU like it! 

Your session starts with a conversation with Debby about your needs. Then by working together you can as a team decide what type of massage is best suited for you.

Swedish Massage for Relaxation or Pain Management.

Thai Massage with Debby

30 min/$60

60 min/$120

90 min/$150


The main focus of Thai Bodywork is to attain or regain balance in the body. This form of massage works on both the superficial and deeper fascial layers of muscles, ligaments, joints, and it touches all areas of the body including the nervous system, digestive and respiratory systems. This treatment also includes passive stretching, compressions, and rocking and is done FULLY CLOTHED on the massage table.

Stretch Therapy/Align& Unwind with Debby

30 min/$60

60 min/$120

90 min/$150


Postural realignment that targets problem areas in the muscular, skeletal, and fascial systems. Myofascial release techniques using soft rollers & stretches to address tight muscles, limited range of motion & stress. This plan also addresses forward head, rounded shoulders, tight chest and weak back.

This massage is offer by the session or in a 6 week program designed "just for you."

Massage Booking

Massage Therapist


Debby Debile

Debby's therapeutic massage technique is for "everyBODY." Debby's unique therapy combines many different modalities such as swedish, deep tissue, myofascia release, thai, and stretch massage. By combining each massage with multiple modalities you are guaranteed a massage "just right" for you!

 Your body will love you for this type of massage

MA 93179! 

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