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Buy or Rent Video Classes

Can't make it to a scheduled class? Buy or rent these class videos to do at home anytime! Choose between Gentle Yoga, Pilates Sculpt, or a Specialty class.


         When purchasing or renting a class you will be asked to sign up and create a password. The password is only for this website and required for buying video classes. Your information will not go anywhere else!

Buy or Rent

1 Hour Classes

Can't make it to the studio or a zoom class? Don't worry you can buy or rent a full class right here and take it any time and any place you want! Feel Good Yoga offers Gentle Yoga, Pilates Sculpt, Restorative Yoga, and more. Video classes are always being updated so be sure to check back for new classes every month. 

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Instructional Videos

Sometimes it's hard to remember all the little tricks and tips from class. We created some quick instructional videos so you can use them anytime at home. Peanut 101, Body Rolling 101, and After Work Flow.